We are about ready to run out of Casablanca 4s

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We are about ready to run out of Casablanca 4s

Postby garymcnally » Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:19 am

We are extremely excited to announce the next generation of our turnkey editing systems. There are four new models: The Casablanca 4 Studio Pro, the Casablanca 4 Studio, the Casablanca 4 Touch, and the Casablanca 4 Travel. We have been testing them here since February, and our German developers have vastly exceeded our expectations.

We should not be surprised, as the developers have been improving our worlds fastest edit software since the early 90’s, and wrote it to work most efficiently with the best available hardware of the day. Porting our software to the Windows platform allows us to stay on the leading edge of hardware development; which will be necessary with 4K and 8K. These systems all do 4K and Ultra HD, and for the first time in our line, Full 2K HD with 60 progressive frames per second.

Introducing to The Americas, the new Casablanca 4 Models:http://www.macrosystem.info/specsheets/Casablanca_4_Model_Comparison.pdf

The old standard definition format had one format that was used by all the camera manufacturers, and it was a beautiful world. Now the cameras shoot in in many formats, and each camera maker tries to lock you into their gear by tweaking standard formats. In the old Bogart SW you had to set the project format correctly, or Bogart would transcode the original footage to match your project setting. It said “Slow Scaling” on the screen during the process. You could cancel, but many thought this was normal. Now the SW will tell you there is a mismatch, so you can change the project to match, and the import goes much quicker. Or if you really want to change your footage format, you can proceed with the slow transcode.

So this unlimited format world we live in now is far easier with Bogart Windows 7. Also the imports are so much faster than the old Bogart Standalone models. Justin Philpott, and his US Beta Testing Team are currently testing Bogart 7 for the Standalones, and we should be releasing it this summer.

Most of the Bogart Standalones are fast enough to import 4K, but they have to change it to Full 2K HD to edit and export it. We have been waiting a long time for Full 2K HD 1080p60, so this may be good enough for most of you. But if not, we do have a trade-in program for all your Bogart machines.

The last time we had to change the basic operating system our software runs on top of, was 2008 when we went from VxWorks to Linux. It took a couple of years to port most of the add-on software to Linux, and there were upgrade fees on most of the programs. Because of the recession and the cost, most people just chose to upgrade the programs they used all the time.

Fast forward to today, and we have about 35 programs ported to Windows already, and just released Blue Box World this week. Germany raised their Windows prices 16% to us, and we will soon be raising ours correspondingly. But before we do, we wanted to give our newsletter subscribers a shot at the lower prices, and the 20% multi-seat license discount may apply too.

Sales are exclusively through our Windows Bogart value added resellers. We have been training them for a year now, and they are ready to go. For 8 months they have been using the Bogart for Windows SW, which we provided free of charge. Some dealers have not transitioned to Bogart for Windows yet, so stick with the Bogart Windows VARs for now: http://www.macrosystem.us/Dealer_List.php

We are not leaving the Bogart standalones behind. We have a number of new programs that work on the new and old Bogart. Hard Drive BU Sentry not only works on both, it facilitates transfers between platforms. It will back up all 30 projects at once, or any number of projects all the way down to one project, or one clip. It can even back up external Store N Share Drives. These backups do everything, and restore exactly as you left them with transitions, titles, and audio. It can even fix bad footage during the save.

Those Bogart Standalones with less than 2 GB of RAM will need to be upgraded if you want to run Bogart 7. You can go into the Bogart SETTINGS menu, and click on the serial number in the lower left hand corner. The next screen will tell you how much Memory you have. 1024MB would not be enough, you need 2048MB for Bogart 7. We will have more information about this in the next newsletter.

If your Bogart system is old enough to not have enough RAM, you may want to trade it in on a new Bogart Windows Casablanca 4 Studio Pro. The older they are the harder it is to get new parts for them. The s4000 or s4000Pro have a number of key parts that are no longer available new: Videoboard, Motherboard, Back Panel Board, and Power Supply Unit. We can keep them going with used parts, but do not recommend it, as all 4 of these 7 year old parts have high failure rates. The exception would be if you have never had any trouble with it. The ones that have been to the shop more than once should be traded in while the trading is good.

Here is the brand new price list. You will see a lot of yellow highlights. These are mostly new products, or maybe price changes. Right at the top you will see the Casablanca 4 Studio Pro, and right below it the trade-in values. Yes, the hardware value can be minimal, but the software transfer value can be significant: http://www.macrosystem.info/pricelists/CurrentRetail.pdf

Quick Photo is an awesome new program for both Bogart platforms, which imports jpegs photos up to 8Mb. With that resolution you can really animate a pan and zoom motion path without degradation of picture. One of our VARs Beth Klinger at Ultima Video was kind enough to make a video showing what it can do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9MWjhupFBI&feature=youtu.be

Quick Photo is $119 by itself, but is also part of the Producer Bundles you will see at the top of the price list for those who are buying the software only. If this is your first Bogart 7 for Windows SW purchase, the best way to get into it is the Producer 3 Bundle. The Producer #3 includes the $429 Bogart Windows Gold Edition, the essential $139 Arabesk 6 program, the essential $159 Title FX Pack 1, and the $119 Quick Photo for $599 (if purchased separately $846).

For every customer who buys Bogart 7 Windows Gold or Silver SW, or one of the Casablanca 4 Models, we are including the Casablanca Expert’s 7 hour online classroom for free. This is normally $69, but Germany and the US are trying to make your transition to Bogart for Windows as productive as possible. Each class covers a different part of the program, and you can go back and review as often as you like.

We have refurbished some trade-ins for resale. We currently have 1 Karat, 3 x s6000s, and 2 x s4100. Call your dealer for more information.

Chet and I will be going out and doing some road shows beginning this fall, and continuing next year. Watch for the dates. Also making plans to show at the NAB Show in Vegas next April. We hear the MGT will be happening next year too.

See our homepage and all the links to more information, and call or email your dealer to order, or with unanswered questions. http://www.macrosystem.us We have set up a Windows FAQ in the Casablanca Forum. Plus you can ask specific questions there.http://www.casablancaforum.us/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=7131

One inaccuracy we hear a lot is that if your PC dies, you have to buy it again. If your PC goes down or if you get a new one, it does not cost money to transfer the Bogart Windows SW. It is right in the EULA (Users License Agreement).

Germany will be closed between July 27 and Aug 9th; we will be closed July 30 to Aug 2. After shipping the dealer demos and Cassie Cultist backorders, our inventory is low, and resupply is at best mid-August. So if you want a Casablanca 4 in July, you better call your dealer on July 22. Software sales should be unaffected by Germany’s Holiday, except for our long weekend.

Quick and Easy Edits,


Gary McNally

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