The Casablanca 4 Studios are here, and ship Friday July 10th

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The Casablanca 4 Studios are here, and ship Friday July 10th

Postby garymcnally » Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:02 pm

The New Casablanca 4 Studio Models just arrived today from Germany, and are available exclusively from our authorized Bogart for Windows Value Added Resellers (VAR). The VARs have all been using the Bogart Windows software for 7 months on their own computers, but are chomping at the bit to get what Chet Davis, Lou Bruno, and I have had the pleasure of testing since February. We begin shipping the backorders Friday. Here are the Bogart 7 for Windows VARs highlighted in yellow:

I suppose it is possible to find a PC wizard with tons of time and money on their hands to build something comparable to the Casablanca 4’s performance, but I doubt it. After 20 plus years of doing nothing but designing and building the easiest and quickest video edit systems on the planet, our German engineers cannot be beaten.

All 4 New Models come turn-key with the Intel Quick Sync Video Smart Booster activated, which really speeds up laborious tasks like Blu-Ray disc creation, and 4K, UHD, and 2K HD file exports.
Since we released this Bogart for Windows software, many of the so-called PC building experts have been trying to figure out how to turn on the Smart Booster Technology feature. We try to help them, but with so many charlatans and hardware configurations it is really hard, and involves many advanced and variable steps. But nobody tells us when they succeed, so maybe we are over estimating it?

If you do try to save a few bucks with a PC builder, make sure they guarantee in writing they can activate Intel Quick Sync Video, which activates Smart Booster Technology in only our Bogart 7 Windows Gold Edition. This is not important if you plan to stay in the standard definition format, but for Full 2K HD or higher, you are going to want it.

This shipment will sell out quickly because many of our VARs have ordered the Casablanca 4 Studio Pro Dealer Demos, and they take priority. So call your Windows Bogart VAR Specialist ASAP to get what is left of this order. The next order won’t be here until the 2nd week of August. Here are the new Casablanca 4 Models, and the new July 9 pricelist with trade-in values:

Germany and the US paid the Casablanca Expert Chet Davis to make a comprehensive 7-hour online tutorial on Bogart 7 for Windows. Every Casablanca 4 System comes with it for free, as does every Bogart 7 Windows Gold or Silver software sale. Here is a free webinar Chet did on Bogart for Windows 7:

There is so much new, we are working on a comprehensive newsletter for next week. But we wanted to get the key news out to you today. Also Bogart 7.2 for the Standalones is in testing with Justin Philpott’s US Beta Testing team now, and scheduled to release this summer. All kinds of new software for the PC and Standalones. Please check our homepage daily; as our mission is to put links to everything there:
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